As yoga has become an increasingly integral part of 21st-century life, scientists, armed with new tools that allow them to look ever deeper into the body, have been turning their attention to what happens physiologically when we practice yoga—not just asana but also pranayama and meditation.

For yoga beginners or those who have never tried the practice before, even simple, easy poses can do wonders for your health to help you look and feel good.

Well, Yoga is a great way to work on your flexibility and strength. Just about everyone can do it, too -- it's not just for people who can touch their toes or want to meditate.

While yoga is already a personal and flexible practice in its own right, some people choose to take additional measures to make the practice even more intimate.

Many people choose to incorporate healing crystals or gemstones in order to achieve a more personalized practice.

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You must check out some of the following most used crystals for the best benefits they can provide you during your Yoga practice.

Amethyst is one of the best crystals for yoga due to its versatility. One of the most powerful crystals available, amethyst possesses a very calming aura that can help you find peace during the course of your yoga practice.

This calming aura also enables you to release any feelings of anger, resentment, or anxiety that may be clouding your mind. Releasing these feelings allows you to truly engage with the practice, which in turn allows you to find inner peace and balance much more easily.

For best practices using amethyst!

Placing a giant amethyst geode at the top of your mat will help you retain focus and serenity throughout the entirety of your yoga practice.

Clear quartz
Mental clarity and peace play large roles in a successful yoga practice. If you frequently find your mind wandering while you’re trying to maintain tree pose, consider incorporating a clear quartz crystal in your practice.

Clear quartz enhances your energy flow and enables you to reach a higher plane of spiritual awareness. This is particularly beneficial during yoga, as it enables you to set and achieve more intention throughout the practice.

It will also help you practice more mindful meditation, which can be particularly useful during savasana. For all these reasons and more, clear quartz is one of the best crystals for yoga.


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