In the mad rush of our life, we are not able to give much time to our personal life and relationships. Lack of time makes our relations sour and they start deteriorating. But these problems can be solved

It is believed in Vedic astrology that by wearing some gemstones for love and marriage you can overcome the problems that are coming your way. Each crystal is special in its own way. By wearing them, our relationships are strengthened and you can overcome all your problems in your career, business, finances or health related problems. But the specialty of each gemstone is how you wear them.

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For today’s agenda some of the best crystals for love and marriage are:

This precious gemstone comes in different shades of pink. It is also called the love stone. If you are looking for a good life partner then you can wear this crystal. It makes you feel positive and wearing it keeps away the negative energy. It balances and keeps your trust and love in relationships.

This Rose Quartz can be worn as a Ring, bracelet in hand or necklace around the neck . To strengthen your relationship more you can keep it in your bedroom too.

Problems in your married life? Then this beautiful purple stone known as the heart stone is your solution. If the husband and wife have certain tension in their love life then this is one of the perfect stones for couples. It helps you to keep your calm, develop an understanding between them and also stay away from egos.

There are many more crystals which help in your marriage like pearls, ruby, emerald and moonstone. Crystals are energy givers. Each crystal has its own identity and its own energy. These crystals help promote soothing vibes in the couple as well as their surroundings.


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