Welcome to yet another article on orgonite crytsals – your favourite online platform for crystals and gemstones. Today, you will discover the different ways you can ground yourself and your energy using crystals. With all our various daily work-life, our everyday interactions, daily experiences, obligations and responsibilities, overuse of technology, anxious thoughts and stresses, our energy can easily become unbalanced and ungrounded.

Thankfully, for one to get back, grounding your energy does not take much time and is refreshing for your mind, body and soul too!

Here are some of the signs of being ungrounded can include:
Common things you would experience are racing thoughts, anxiety and worry, irrational fears and stress, waking up tired, difficulty concentrating, lack of focus, poor memory, and feeling drained or dizzy.

One of the best ways to ground your energy is to get out in nature and connect with the Earth. Earthing is another term when using mother nature to ground your body, energy and spirit. Earthing will not cost you anything and it is always available for all!

How to visualize grounding for yourself?
While holding one (or more) of your grounding crystals, stand or sit with your bare feet on the ground. Or you may place the crystal(s) around your feet.

Close your eyes or soften your gaze.

Take a few deep breaths and draw your focus and awareness to your feet.

Notice how your feet feel. Are they warm or cool? Take note of the weight you push through your body onto your feet. Allow the feeling of the Earth beneath you to flood into your whole self.

Imagine that you have roots growing down from the soles of your feet. See your roots going deep into the Earth beneath you. Imagine yourself as a tree, growing into the Earth, becoming more full and vibrant.

When you feel comfortable with the depth of your roots, imagine now that your grounding crystal(s) are set deep down with your roots. Visualize your roots wrapping themselves around the crystal(s). This will secure you firmly to the Earth.

Draw up energy from the depths of the Earth and from the grounding crystal(s), through your firmly planted roots.

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