While most of the newbie crystal users are searching for wealth and power, some of you do care about peace and wellbeing for yourself. Crystals for harmony are for those who want to appreciate the little things in life on a daily basis, cherish something that is given and received happily and thankfully. If you are here for something on these lines then the harmony crystals are calling for you. Let’s find out the best crystals for harmony you can use or wear.

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Let us have a look at some of the harmony crystals now…

Smoky quartz crystal for harmony
Just like a smoky sage negates the evil around you, smoky quartz also is used to absorb all the negativity around you. It is believed to disperse confusions and help you find your destiny. Amongst the earth star chakra stones, Smoky quartz helps emanate vibrations of grounding. It relaxes and stabilizes you. Smoky quartz can also dissipate hatred and negativity.

Selenite crystal for harmony
Selenite obelisks are famous for the purifying properties they have.

Did you know selenite has the divine light of creation inside it? Selenite is a crystal known for pausing your life and evaluating it as a third person. It helps creates the space for you to do that by opening your crown chakra powers. The selenite crystal helps purifying spaces around you.

There are many more crystals that are known for harmony other than smoky quartz crystals and selenite crystal, they are clear quartz, blue kyanite, jade, sodalite and rose quartz.


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