Today, many people are using orgonite product / accumulators to amplify their own energy and harness the energy of the Universe.

How is it all made? A mix of resin is blended with metal shavings, copper and crystals in special forms is the way natural orgone pyramids are made.

How to Use Orgone Pyramids?
First set the intention for the orgone pyramid and set it in the location you would like.

Specific crystals which you wish to use must be placed inside the orgone that will help amplify the space for abundance, or spiritual awakening or healing depending on the crystals used and the skills of the maker.

We have been blessed to have many of our orgone pyramids that are used to amplify the inherent energies of those specific crystals greatly and can be used for many intentions which are pre-programmed into the orgone.

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Orgonite pyramid is a very popular form from the orgonite family because pyramids are renowned for their ability to amplify and transmit energy.

What is the best way to use pyramids for personal use? It is best to place the orgone energy pyramids the closest to where you want the positive effect.

Place the pyramid in your home and let it help you to balance energies. Orgone energy pyramids use metals like gold, copper, brass, aluminum combining it with the right crystals and gemstones to form a combination used for various specific healing purposes.

Benefits of Orgone energy pyramids
Protection against EMF radiation
Deepen meditation
Boost plant growth
Remove negative energies in a specific place
More Energy
Balanced Moods
Decreased Sensitivity to EMFs

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